Friday, July 31, 2009

No more~~!

I did made mistake and learnt from mistake..
and yet still doing the same mistake..

BUT..from now on, I must grow up..I must sit and think back and look forward.. Coz I know I do believe in myself.. I hv sumting which makes me become stronger..which makes me become better..and which makes me become prouder..I hv MYSELF..

In these few days, I've learnt dat not all promises can be fulfilled..sumthing might happens in btween..So, I start stop making promises..and do stop hoping in any promises made..

To people out there, stop making any promise with me coz Farah Farhanah dunnot believe in promises~~!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Promises <3

Wuahahaha.. song of the day yg aku kept replay 4 2day ialah no promises by shayne ward.. L0L Hurm,,how i wish dat sum1 cud sing 4 me dis song.. oh Gosh!! lalalala~~

setelah sekian lame..

YUHUU!!! I'm back after a long long hectic days..hoho..Hectic ker? haha..hectic mghabeskan duit ade ar..L0L.. Act, lately ni aku sgt2 susah nk post blog disebabkan kesulitan yg amat sgt nk on9 di kolej 17 'kesayanganku' tuh..(hopefully ade ar mtm yg bc post aku nih) wee..

so, nk mengshortcutkan wut hv me done, let's check dis out..


our trip kali ni juz 4 another happy days & wedding fairuz di sblah pihak lelaki plak..



Included pegi 2nd match MU vs Malaysia XI



me wif my dearie buddy, kak feeza

me wif my cool senior..<3

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Immortal <3

L.O.V.E is just like a life..

It does not always easy

and it does not always bring happiness..

But when we do not stop living

then why we should stop loving...<3>